Does Walmart Offer Tire Patching Services? (Price, Wait Time + More)

Ever had a flat tire and wondered where to go for a quick, affordable fix? Look no further than your local Walmart Auto Care Center. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of “does Walmart offer tire patching services,” along with other tire and automotive services they offer. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of Walmart tire services that can help you get back on the road in no time!

Does Walmart Offer Tire Patching Services

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart Auto Care Centers provide tire patching services at a cost-effective price starting from $10-15 per tire.
  • Wait times for repair services vary depending on staff availability and number of tires needing repair, with appointments taking 20 to 30 minutes or several hours without one.
  • Walmart also offers DIY flat tire repairs through plug kits and provides lifetime warranties up to 25,000 miles along with aftercare services for customer convenience.

Walmart’s Tire Patching Services: What to Expect

Dealing with a flat tire can be frustrating, but Walmart is here to help. Walmart Auto Care Centers provide tire patching services, including Walmart patch tires, for various puncture sizes, ensuring your tires are repaired correctly and safely. Not only does Walmart fix flat tires, but they also adhere to the Rubber Manufacturers Association guidelines for tire repairs, so you can trust that your flat tire will be patched according to industry standards.

The cost of tire patching at Walmart is affordable, with pricing starting at $15 per tire. Wait times for these services can vary, depending on factors like staff availability and the number of tires needing repair.

We will now proceed to explore further into the pricing and wait times of Walmart Auto Care Centers’ tire patching services.

Cost of Tire Patching at Walmart

At Walmart, uneven or large punctures are charged at $15, while small punctures may be patched without any cost using their tire patch kits. This price point makes Walmart’s tire patching services a cost-effective option compared to other car repair services.

Keep in mind that Walmart’s flat tire repair costs generally fall between $10 and $15 per tire, influenced by the puncture’s size and complexity. Regardless of the specific cost, Walmart offers competitive pricing for its tire repair services.

Wait Time for Tire Patching Services

While Walmart does not guarantee a specific time frame for flat tire repair, they strive to provide customers with the most efficient service possible. Wait times for tire patching services at Walmart can typically range from 20-30 minutes with an appointment to several hours without one or for multiple tires, depending on the availability of a tire repair kit.

Remember that variables like staff availability and the number of tires needing repair can influence Walmart’s tire patching wait time. So, if you need a tire patched quickly, it’s a good idea to call ahead and schedule an appointment or ask about current wait times.

Walmart Auto Center Services

Checking wheel alignment
Automobile low – Wheel Alignment

In addition to tire patching, Walmart Auto Center provides a range of tire services and other automotive services to meet your vehicle’s needs. These services include tire installation and rotation, balancing, and valve stem installations. By offering a comprehensive suite of tire and automotive services, Walmart ensures that you can address all your vehicle’s maintenance requirements in one convenient location.

Next, we will examine the specific tire services provided by Walmart Tire Center, which include tire installation and rotation, along with balancing and valve stem installations. These services are offered at the Walmart Auto Center, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your vehicle’s needs.

Tire Installation and Rotation

Walmart offers tire installation and rotation services to help maintain the longevity of your tires. Tire installation at Walmart costs $10 per tire, while tire rotation is priced at $15 per tire. Regular tire rotation promotes even wear, thereby extending their lifespan.

Whether you’re purchasing new tires from Walmart or bringing in your own, the professional technicians at Walmart Auto Care Center can efficiently install, rotate, and repair tires, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

Balancing and Valve Stem Installations

Balancing and valve stem installations are also available at Walmart Auto Center to ensure proper tire function and safety. The fee for balancing and valve stem installations at Walmart Auto Center is $3 per tire.

Proper tire balance, functioning valve stems, and maintaining the right tire pressure contribute to a smoother ride, better fuel efficiency, and reduced tire wear. By taking advantage of these services, you can keep your tires in optimal condition and enjoy a safer driving experience.

DIY Tire Repair Options

Repairing Tire

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to tire repair, Walmart sells tire plug kits for DIY flat tire repairs. These kits allow customers to fix flat tires on their tubeless tires at home with their own tire repair kit, without the need for professional assistance.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss the components of a tire plug kit from Walmart and how to use it for DIY tire repair.

Purchasing a Tire Plug Kit from Walmart

A tire plug kit from Walmart is reasonably priced. It costs a little over $7 and contains various tools such as:

  • plugs
  • glue
  • a reamer
  • a plugger tool

These kits are an affordable and convenient option for addressing small punctures in tubeless tires.

A tire plug kit from Walmart allows you to efficiently repair a flat tire independently, thus saving time and money on professional services.

How to Use a Tire Plug Kit

Using a tire plug kit involves the following steps:

  1. Locate the puncture on the tire and remove the object causing the puncture.
  2. Use a reaming tool to enlarge the hole slightly.
  3. Apply glue to the plug and insert it into the hole.
  4. Trim any excess plug material sticking out of the tire.
  5. Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure and check for any leaks.

Next, use the reamer tool to clean and expand the hole. After preparing the hole, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the plug into the eye of the insertion tool.
  2. Apply glue to the plug.
  3. Insert the tool with the plug into the puncture.
  4. Push the tool in until only a small portion of the plug is visible.
  5. Twist the insertion tool 90 degrees and remove it.

Now your tire is patched and ready to be inflated!

Scheduling an Appointment at Walmart Auto Care Center


Scheduling an appointment for tire patching at Walmart Auto Care Center is easy through phone or in-person. Setting an appointment allows for timely completion of your tire repair and reduces wait time.

Next, we will address the topic of walk-ins and closing hours at Walmart Auto Care Center to aid you in planning your visit.

Walk-ins and Closing Hours

Walk-ins are accepted at Walmart Auto Care Center, but appointments are recommended to minimize wait times. To schedule an appointment for car repair service, simply call or visit your local Walmart Auto Care Center.

Please note that walk-in hours and closing times at Walmart Auto Care Centers may vary depending on the location. Most Walmart Auto Care Centers typically close at 6pm. For accurate information, we recommend contacting your local Walmart Auto Care Center directly to inquire about their specific walk-in hours and availability.

Warranty and Aftercare

Good Condition Tire

Walmart offers a lifetime warranty on tires or up to 25,000 miles, along with aftercare services for tire maintenance. This ensures that your tires are covered against defects and workmanship issues and guarantees that they are replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended tire replacement interval.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the specifics of Walmart’s lifetime warranty and mileage limitations, as well as the aftercare services provided for tire maintenance.

Lifetime Warranty and Mileage Limitations

The lifetime warranty covers tire defects and workmanship, while the mileage limitation ensures proper tire replacement when necessary. The tires purchased at Walmart are covered by a warranty. This warranty is eligible for up to 25,000 miles..

Bear in mind that the purpose of the lifetime warranty and mileage limitations is to ensure timely tire replacement when needed. By offering a comprehensive warranty and mileage coverage, Walmart helps you maintain your tires in optimal condition throughout their lifespan.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services at Walmart include tire rotations, balancing, and other maintenance tasks to keep your tires in optimal condition. Walmart Auto Care Center provides these services, along with battery services, oil and lube services, fuel system services, engine air filter replacement, and headlight services.

Utilizing Walmart’s extensive aftercare services helps maintain your vehicle’s smooth and safe operation and extends your tires’ lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Walmart fill your tires?

Yes, Walmart will fill your tires; they have tire gauges and air available for use. They may or may not charge you for the service.

How much does a patch of tire cost?

A patch of tire typically costs between $10-$20, making it a relatively inexpensive repair.

What is the wait time for tire patching services at Walmart?

The wait time for tire patching services at Walmart can range from 20-30 minutes with an appointment to several hours without one.

Can I schedule an appointment for tire patching at Walmart Auto Care Center?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment for tire patching at Walmart Auto Care Center by phone or in-person.

What is the lifetime warranty on tires purchased at Walmart?

Walmart’s tires come with a lifetime warranty or up to 25,000 miles of protection.


In conclusion, Walmart Auto Care Center offers a wide range of tire repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Whether you need a flat tire patched, a tire rotation, or a DIY tire repair kit, Walmart has you covered.

Don’t let a flat tire slow you down. With affordable pricing, convenient locations, and a comprehensive range of services, Walmart Auto Care Center is your one-stop-shop for all your tire repair and maintenance needs.

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